Attractions in South-Eastern Estonia

Suur Munamägi (ca 20 km away)

The view from the top of the highest point in the Baltic States (318 metres above sea level) over the surrounding hills and forests will leave you breathless. The top of the observation tower is 346.7 metres above sea level, offering views over the South-Eastern Estonian countryside full of lakes and forests for 50 km around.

Vastseliina Episcopal Castle (ca 20 km away)

Established in the 14th century by the Bishop of Tartu and masters of the Livonian Order, this castle was a well-known pilgrimage site in medieval times, thanks to its healing cross. However, the Great Northern War of 1702 left the Castle in ruins.

At the foot of the castle, next to the Riga-Pihkva trade route, is Linnuse Tavern, which was first noted in a road atlas dating from 1695, along with a horse postal station.
In 2012, a group of friends of Pirita Convent came up with the idea of a pilgrimage from one end of Estonia to the other. Vastseliina Episcopal Castle is a destination for pilgrimage. More information can be found here:

Border of three countries (ca 10 km away)

Both the Russian and Latvian borders are situated just 10 km from Pullijärve. The borders of the three countries meet in the south-eastern corner of Estonia, near the village of Parmu, which is just 10 km from Lake Pullijärv.

Setumaa (or Setomaa in the Setu language)

The historical centre of Setomaa was Petseri, but nowadays it is considered to be the small town of Värska.

It is just 5 km to the border of ethnic Setomaa from Pullijärve holiday village. 30 km away in Obinitsa, the Seto Museum showcases farm architecture, old tools and handicrafts from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A sight worth seeing in their own right are the tšässona – chapels that can be found in almost every village in Setomaa.
Misso, where Pullijärve Holiday Village is located, is part of the Seto Külävüü travel route, which gives you a great overview of all of the sights in Setomaa. Learn more about the Seto Külävüü here:

Nipernaadi sauna

In 1982, a couple of scenes were filmed for the classic Estonian movie Nipernaadi by this sauna, situated on the eastern shore of Lake Pullijärv.

The sauna is easily visible from the peninsula which, incidentally, is the best place to swim on the lake.

Rõuge (ca 30 km away)

Nightingale Valley in Rõuge is by far the most well-known tourist magnet in the area after Suur Munamägi. Its 30-metre observation tower with its remarkable architecture opened in 2016. An outstanding work of engineering and sight to behold in Rõuge is its water-powered pump dating from 1939. The town also boasts the deepest lake in Estonia, Rõuge Suurjärv. In 2010, a monument called ‘Estonian Mother’ was erected in Rõuge municipality.

Rogosi Castle Manor (ca 16 km away)

Rogosi Castle Manor in the village of Ruusmäe was first mentioned in 1597, and the name derives from that of a Polish duke (Stanislaw Rogozinski) who owned the manor from 1603-1625 and built a wooden fortification in place of the former castle or medieval settlement.
Nowadays, the manor hosts an accommodation and catering establishment and offers tours on which you can learn about the house. Learn more at

Farms in the area

There are two well-known Estonian farms close to Pullijärve Holiday Village, both of which sell farm goods and all the delicacies you could imagine. Nopri Farm ( produces a range of dairy products that can be found in supermarkets all over the country. On the farm you can buy all of their products and go on a tour with the family when arranged in advance.
Andri-Peedo Farm calls itself the most modern goat farm in Northern Europe, its main products being goat’s milk, cheese and meat. With advance notice, anyone interested can take a tasting tour with the possibility to buy products to take home.

Other points of interest

30 km away in Piusa River Valley Nature Park there are Devonian sandstone outcrops called Härma Mäemine and Härma Alumine. The former is the highest Devonian sandstone outcrop in Estonia (at 43 metres), while the latter stands 20.5 metres high and is one of the most spectacular cliff faces in the valley for its multi-coloured layers.

Those interested in all things military should drive 28 km to Zeltin in Latvia to visit a nuclear missile base from the Soviet era, which is open to tourists.