Accommodation in the midst of nature

Pullijärve holiday village is situated in charming natural surroundings in the small town of Misso in Võru County in the south-eastern corner of Estonia. It is the perfect location for a holiday for anyone who loves nature and activities in the fresh air with birds singing all around you.
We’re located 10 kilometres from both the Latvian and Russian borders, just off the Riga-Pihkva highway.

People say that Pullijärv (Bull Lake) was named after an elk that sought to escape wolves by skittering onto the icy lake, but nevertheless fell prey to them there. However, the legend of our holiday village has a happier ending. “And they lived happily every after, occasionally still taking their boat out onto the lake…”

Health trails

The health trails running through the whole village are perfect for kilometre-long walks and feature outdoor exercise equipment for quick training. Near the trails you will find our own ‘bird hotels’, which play host to a variety of local bird species in different-sized nests.

Physical activities

The holiday village has both a stadium and courts for ball games, giving you the chance to play volleyball, soccer, footgolf and petanque.


Lake Pullijärv, which is rich in fish, is home to pike, perch, tench and eel. Those who don’t really care for fishing can enjoy the lake on a canoe or boat, or relax on the beach.

Family vacation and events

Pullijärve is an ideal place for company retreats in summer or winter and for celebrating important events or taking vacations with the family.


The two-person cabins next to Lake Pullijärv accommodate 16 people and there is an additional camp site for a larger group and a few places in the main house. The cabins are heated and can be used until it reaches minus ten degrees outside. The main house has a hall with a fireplace, a sauna, showers and restrooms.


Food is offered at our cafeteria on a pre-order basis. You can also use the barbecue shelter by the lake.